Kim's Poetry

I've managed to write some poetry in my life now and then, and here's a small collection of it for you...

[This is not the poem]

It's a silly little thing,
    not great,
not terrible,
    but has a nice ring

Cross-Dressing Poetry on Cross-Dressing or Transgenderism
Lovers Poetry to lovers or partners; past and/or present...
Friends and Family Poetry to friends and/or family
General General poetry; stuff I want to highlight, or whatever...

Poetry on Cross-Dressing (Transgenderism, whatever :)

This is one of my earliest poems on crossdressing; probably from about when I was in high school or maybe college:

Being Dressed In Public
Oh what a tangled Web we weave
	When first we (cross)dress with ease
We put on hose, and high-heeled shoes
	padding and wigs and makeup we use
We look like women, those who try to pass
	We get quizzical looks, and some will ask
What are you doing? Why is it this that you do?
	Some of us know. Some don't have a clue.
Me, I'm happy for those that ask why
	It [Answering] may be hard, but I will certainly try
For is it not wonderful when we find
	Someone with an open mind?

This is a poem written on the back of a Marilyn Monroe postcard that I sent myself. Somehow she sparked this thought in me, I guess, and the words flowed with relative ease...

If Only...
If only I could be
	Suddenly like she
Change my look on whim
	become her and leave him
Behind he would be
	she would become free
If only for a time slim
	then both become Kim

This is a poem on hibernating; on not cross-dressing for months on end in winter, when I express the masculine side of me physically more-or-less constantly.

It's a strange thing
    to change genders
It's that yin and yang
    dance of gender benders
Sometimes the flow ebbs
    and I enter hibernation
Not even my site on the web
    reflects my gender celebration
Listen carefully, you can hear refrains
    from the song of woman and man
As always, my journey remains
    a process rather than a plan

Poetry to Lovers/Partners

There's been more (much more :) poetry than this to my lovers and ex-partners; yet somehow finding it all is too great a task. The poems run the gamut, happy and sad, silly and serious, etc., etc., etc.!

Running Through My Mind
Running through my mind
	With your sneakers on
I think of you from time to time
	In the day and dusk to dawn
In a time fraught with strife
	You are a bright star in my sky
I am happy your are in my life
	And you know by now I do not lie
I don't know where this is heading
	I don't know what is in store
I do know that I am smiling
	Being with you I want more

I've Fallen Down
I wish I may
  I wish I might
Find the way
  See the light
We talk and talk
  yes, it's true
We do discuss
  until we're blue
This I know
  my will is bent
It feels as though
  my soul is spent
I feel like a clown
  who's out of luck
I've fallen down
  can I get back up?
I have some fear
  that I am stuck
Where from here?
  the way seems up
Sometimes, my love
  all that I can do
Is offer a dove
  and say I love you

Riding the storm...
I don't know why I take myself
    on these wild rides
Why I cannot help
    but ebb and flow like tides
I take one bit of life
    and spin out of control
I end up causing strife
    to those that I know
Here I am, in the hurricane's wind
    riding the edge of the storm
your gentle hand pulls me in
    in your embrace I am calm

Poems to friends and family

A poem I wrote to a friend; inspired by her seeing me cross-dressed for the first time:

Thanks to a Friend
This is a short
	Thanks to a friend
It's of the sort
	Too quick to end
For how can poems
	Short ones no less
Speak the volumes
	I wish to profess
So I'll simply say
	Thanks be to thee
Who brighten my day
	Accepting me for me

This is a poem I wrote to my cousin, when she was feeling down about her boyfriend leaving. That boyfriend is now her husband. :) [Yes, the poem's a little lame... and, heck, we all need to remember to love ourselves, yes?]

She who loves herself
    Needest no other
She who loves all
    Needest no lover
Yes, a lover is nice
    someone with to share
Lovers come at a price
    They may not always be there
When that happens you may feel hollow
    Remember, Lass, to love yourself,
The rest will follow.

General Poetry

A poem I wrote to someone, hoping that they would not be judgemental in considering dating me (I didn't receive a reply)...

What if we used labels 
  for people like cans of beans
Reading of their foibles
  and how much fat in their jeans
We might judge a book
  simply by its cover
If instead inside we look
  to our wonder uncover
A spice like cumin
  the excitement of rum
The diversity of human
  expression and fun

Various poems, on staying up late (a habit of mine that I'm changing ;-), to friends, or whatever...

Staying Up Too Late
Staying Up Too Late
	Is a way of life
Staying Up Too Late
	Is a way to ignore the strife
I feel a bit like 
	a pit bull
I'm locked on to night
	like a crazed fool
My body tells me to sleep
	it is a faint voice
My thoughts run too deep
	for reason to be a choice
Staying Up Too Late
	is as simple as can be
Staying Up Too Late
	lets sleep save me

Untitled (or, purple roses)
Purple roses 
    and purple rain 
Who supposes 
    it's poetry again 
A purple rose 
    means many things 
I'm one of those 
    who will abstain 
From giving meaning 
    to purple roses 
Beauty has meaning 
    itself composes 

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