Out and About in 2001

Denver in August, 2001

I went out dancing a couple of nights in Denver, Colorado... and also went to the art museum, shopping on the 16th street mall, and generally wandered around. I had a really nice time; the people were generally friendly, and it was beautiful weather! I also decided to get some new hair, which isn't shown here (I seem to have lost a roll of film). Anyway, here's some pictures from dancing at club Zu:

Kim the Material Girl Kim Close-Up Kim the Material Girl, Posterized

Chicago in August, 2001

I also went to Chicago in August. Once again, people were really pretty friendly, and I was lucky to have some great weather; even in the Windy City. I went to the Art Institute (art museum), wandered around the outside of the natural history museum, aquarium, planetarium, etc. I also managed to do a little shopping there, and once again bought some new hair. Here's some pictures from that trip:

Kim on the steps of the Art Institute of Chicago Kim on the steps of the Chicago Planetarium Kim sitting w/Abe Lincoln art Kim sitting on pink couch art

Girls' Night Out (July or August) 2001

What started out as a little innocent joking with my friend L turned into this big affair... We ended up with several Females At Birth (FAB's, aka GG's) and several trans women. We all went to a local dance club, and had a great time. I had the honor of helping Brianna have clothes, makeup, etc. to wear... :)

Anyway, I haven't (yet) received permission to post photo's, so the only one I can place up is me... and since I was mostly behind the camera, here's an itty-bitty shot of me from the group:

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