Out and About in 2004

Well, here's some scattered photo's until (okay, if?) I get time to clean up and comment...

Briefly, though, in order: My new red shoes and purse, me in red hair on a deck in the woods, ready for wine country, me caught smiling (indoors even), a set of photo's from going out for dinner and pool (me looking demure(?), not so demure, and my shoes), me before going on a coaster at Sea World, and... Barbie.

Kim w/her new red shoes and purse (cute, yes? :) Kim in Red Hair and nature Kim ready to go out to wine country Kim caught smiling... :)
Kim looking demure (except maybe the nails) Kim not so demure, as viewed from above Kim's view of her shoes
Kim in front of the Kraken rollercoaster at SeaWorld Barbie at Disney World (Hey, I was blonde and at Disney World... that makes me Barbie, yes? ;-)

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This page last updated on 29 October, 2004.
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