Out in October, 1998

Late in August I took a trip to Hawaii... my first trip there. The land is beautiful; even if the USA did steal it from the native peoples there. I started off my trip w/a visit to some friends... where I went to a gay club that's friendly to TG people w/a friend (hiya' Ms. B!); to do some dancing. I had a great time, and I met a really wonderful young [lesbian] lady there (hiya' Ms. Foxxy! :). Anyway, here's what I looked like for my night out... Kim goofin' for the camera.

Actual Fish I saw! Next up was lots and lots of SCUBA diving (9 dives in all). I dove off of Oahu, Lanai, Molokini, and Maui. These fish are from a dive off of Lanai... yes, it's from the actual underwater experience I had. Beautiful, aren't they? I'm sooooo glad I've taken up SCUBA diving... there's beautiful things to see. Not only in Hawaii, but here where I live (in the Pacific Northwest). Yes, even in COLD water there are many, many kewl things to see!
Next I was off to visit friends in a far-flung area of the state. While the trip was semi-long, the drive was very, very worthwhile! I had a wonderful time getting to know my friends Kim and Roz better... we had a wonderful time at a gala black-and-white dance/ball put on by PFLAG, and generally laughing our a**es off. I tell you, these ladies are some of the funniest, and nicest, on the planet! Hi gals! The 3 Amiga's :)

Kim in jeans! Shocking! ;-) Okay, next up is a couple of shameless photo's of me... Yes, Kim actually wears jeans! In fact, I'm wearing them more often now. On a serious note, I thought I had to look rather feminine (e.g., wearing skirts at least) to compensate for the fact that I, well, was born a man. However, I'm learning (at the urging of past and present friends) that I can still look feminine/female in more casual, guy-like clothes. At least I think so... ;-)

Of course, I still wear pretty, feminine things too... this was my last blast of summer; when it was still warm enough to wear clothes like this. Kim in a floral dress

Well, that's it for the quick update; I hope you enjoyed it...

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