Welcome to my page in honor of redheads!

You've probably noticed that I tend to be a redhead a lot in my pictures (that is, if you can see the color in some of them ;-). I love redheads! I've always had a natural weakness for red hair. Maybe it's the Irish/Scottish ancestry. Maybe it's being overly romantic about my ancestry. Maybe it's because it's gorgeous! Who knows?

If a redheaded girl is born, there was a pig under the bed. --Irish proverb

Facts about redheads:
(I believe these facts come from The Redhead Book by Al Sacharov)

Here's some famous redheads...
(or those who have chosen to be redheads ;-)

A note about the pictures used here: I would be more than happy to acknowledge the photographer, and/or ask for permission for use, if someone would like to tell me how to do so. I have no intent to violate copyrights, and hope the use of these images is acceptable.

Makeup tips for redheads:
(These tips come from iVillage from Remy Gafni and Ms. Fix-It :)

Some redheads (real and imagined)... which might also be good costume ideas for Halloween:

Cleopatra (she might have had red hair).
Poison Ivy from Batman.
Anne Boleyn. 
Bette Davis. 
Scarlett O'Hara 
Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jean Mortenson was apparently born a redead)
Molly Ringwald 
Kim Possible
Ginny from Harry Potter
Wilma, from the Flintstones
Jane Jetson, from The Jetsons.
Daphne Blake, from Scooby Doo.
Jessica Rabbit, from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"
Princess Fiona, from Shrek.
Ariel, from The Little Mermaid.
Mary Jane Watson, from Spiderman 
Jean Grey, from X-men.

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