Kim's (Not-So-Secret) Diary
(for 2000)

October 15, 2000: My, How Time Flies!

Wow... it's been over 9 months since I last wrote in my diary here! Hmmnnn... I guess she's about due!! ;-) Time really does fly... whether you're having fun or not. Anyway (as Inugo Montoya of Princess Bride fame said)... there's too much to explain, so I'll simply try to sum things up... :)

May 24, 2000: Esprit

[This added from What's New...] I'm back from Esprit, but once again flying hither and yon for work. As a teaser, here's a picture from Esprit (I decided to pay $20 to be a bride for the night... one fantasy down, only 1 or 2 more to go... ;-)

A picture of Kim in a wedding dress

January 11, 2000: The New Year Arrives

Hi again... and Happy New Year! While I'm one of those odd people who thinks the Millennium won't get here until January 1, 2001, I certainly partied along w/everyone else. In fact, I was in Washington, D.C. (can you say "Terrorist Central"? I knew you could!). It was cold, and it was fun-- as much for the crowd as anything. People-watching is one of my favorite sports.

Anyway, life continues to be pretty good... work is generally keeping me busy; I'll be travelling every week except one this month, and February is already looking pretty full. My birthday is fast approaching... and I'm happy to be alive in the information age. I'm making all sorts of new friends, helping organize the Fashion Show at Esprit, and otherwise trying to do too much. I hope your New Year's was great, and I hope to update other areas on my site sometime soon.

More Diary Left...

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