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Welcome to my secret (okay, not-so-secret ;-) diary, or blog. Here you will find my musings... my philosophical ramblings, my observation of being transgendered in the world, the issues and happenings in my life. Sometimes the entries are, I think, interesting and thought-provoking. Other times they tend towards the mundane. This really is a vehicle both for me and you, dear reader; though certainly I hope that you get to know me-- and perhaps yourself-- more fully through these diary entries.

Since the diary has grown relatively large, I decided to break it into year-size chunks. This page contains this year's entries, and references the prior year's entries as well. Here's a quick list of all diary pages:

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Diary Entries for This Year

February 2, 2013: Telling, Redux... (with no Nevermind... Bollocks)

A momentous day of sorts, and yet ordinary in many ways. I wrote in my diary for 2011 about planning on telling my son (step-son) about my being transgendered, and then on backing away from that decision (the Nevermind). I am surprised to realize that was 20 months ago. Anyway, today is the day that we told him. It was pretty much a non-event; he is an open-minded young man (19 now) who knows we love him, and that my being transgendered doesn't affect our love for him. I suppose, though, that my not being his biological parent helps; he doesn't have to worry that it's genetic and that he might face whatever being 'trans' means...

I should make it clear that I am relatively proud of, or at least at peace with, being trans. It has opened my mind to seeing oppression and prejudice where I might not have otherwise. ("Help, I'm being oppressed. Come and see the violence inherent in the system." --Old Woman, er Man (Dennis) from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail") I have become more open-minded and accepting; or at least tolerant. I guess I don't need to say more about that; I've waxed episodic about that here before, no doubt.

So no questions were really asked by him, and I have some idea that he's not terribly curious to know more. We made it clear why we waited to tell him, and that there are still people I (and we) prefer not know. It makes life simpler if nothing else, and it likely keeps me employed and all.

I could say a lot more, and it's late, so I will leave it there. I am happy and relieved that I am 'out' about this important part of my life to my son, and do not have to worry about keeping it private from him any longer.


More Diary Left...

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