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I was (and am) soooooo happy to be married! This page is all about July 19, 2005

Kim getting ready, and happy to be getting married

The theme for the wedding was yin and yang (what else? :), and the colors were black and white (what else? ;-).

Thanks for coming with me on my trip through an experience I often dreamed, but never thought, would happen... (The pictures that follow are roughly in chronological order; and some even have larger versions if you click on them :)...

The days before the ceremony... In Vegas.

Treasure Island (where we stayed) Kim in her swimsuit

The day before the ceremony, getting ready (bachelorette party, here I come! :)

Kim in the chapel the day before Kim on the phone before the bachelorette party

The wedding day!

Kim's dress... Kim the day of, no veil... Kim with the looong nails Ta Da! It's Kim in her dress! :) Kim in her Pan pose Kim with her Maid of Honor (Tami) and Bridesmaid (Kimberly/KAT)

The Rehearsal... The wedding party rehearsing...

The ceremony :)

The Happy Couple... Kim and her partner (and partner's attendant)

Also, some faces are blurred out because I either don't yet have their permission to post their likeness, or I want to maintain their (and my) anonymity.

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