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(Aloha! Willkommen! Bienvenido! Bienvenue! Benvenuti! Valkommen! Sawasdee!)

Hi! My name is Kimberley McNelis. Thanks for stopping by my Home Page.

I'm sometimes a woman, that lives on the West Coast of the USA. I'm sometimes a woman because my gender is sometimes feminine (female) and sometimes masculine (male), and always a little blend of the two; even though my biological "sex" is male. Some people would call me a Crossdresser or Transvestite. (Though perhaps Gender Queer fits better in some ways)

I explain more if you care to learn... and my personality is pretty much the same regardless of what gender I'm presenting. I'd actually say my gender is both feminine and masculine; a blend of yin and yang.

If these concepts bother you, please don't read further... there's many other things to experience on the Web. If you're not bothered, then on to Exploring My Universe!
(If you're looking for Yin and Yang Pictures or information, then click here)

Oh, and a big 'Thank You!' to 50Webs for providing free hosting for my site. I'm grateful that there's a way for me to have a custom home here on the web, and still protect my privacy.

Exploring My Universe...

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What's NEW!

Introducing Me and...

My Philosophy

[DANGER: Kim's Philosophies are ahead... sickness bags are not provided. Please skip to the next topic if peace, love, and understanding aren't your interest. Thank you, and have a nice day... Smiley Face]

Even though it's become a cliche, I strongly believe that we must think globally. I try to be aware of the fact that I share this beautiful planet; not only with other humans, but also with all life. We are all part of one big, connected system; and we make a difference through what we do. I think it's better to promote love and tolerance than hate and bigotry-- everyone's entitled to their opinion and way of life; as long as it doesn't hurt others. I realize this is perhaps a bit blindly optimistic, but it's a philosophy I try to live by.

My Thoughts

I previously called myself a TransGender (TG) woman. In order to understand my definition of being a TG woman (there are a bazillion definitions of TG), you may wish to read my thoughts on Gender , and/or Sexuality . In fact, I would hope that you read these pages if you're new to this TG world, or simply curious to see another person's view. I'm often pleased with what I can understand about myself by learning the thoughts, experiences, and emotions of others. You may wish to see my thoughts on Relationships page as well. One thing I'd like to say, though, to those in the TG community: Please believe that it's possible to find a soulmate who can accept you for all of who you are!

I also have my Poetry page, and my Diary page if you're interested in delving a little further into my brain... :)

More About Me

Ah, vanity... What is a Web site, after all, if not a little bit of self-indulgence? So I humbly (okay, okay, not so humbly ;-) offer you more about me on my More on Kim page, and a few more pictures of me on My Picture pages. I also have recorded some (a very few) of my adventures away from home (outings) in my Out And About page.

(WARNING: My picture pages are somewhat graphics-intensive; so they may take awhile to download. I've tried, however, to provide smaller "thumbnail" images on each main page for faster loading :).

My Friends and Acquaintances

As I've journeyed farther out into the Web and the TransGendered community, I've met some wonderful people. My experiences have been very nice overall. Along my journeys I've met those I'd call friends, or at least acquaintances. I truly wish I had more time to meet people (it's something I enjoy), but for now I offer you a small list of Friends and Acquaintances. After all, what homepage would be complete without such a list? ;-)

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Sorry, I'm not quite done yet...
(and I'm working on it ;-)
Sorry, I'm not done yet... (and I'm working on it ;-)

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